Bill Cosby Heckled After Making Despicable Rape Joke During Comedy Show Performance (VIDEO)

Only two men heckled Cosby after the joke out of the thousands in attendance…

Thursday, Bill Cosby performed at Budweiser Gardens in Canada, his second show of the year since Hannibal Burress brought rape allegations against Cosby to the public view.

After Cosby’s first show on his Canadian tour, three more women have come forward accusing the comedian of drugging and raping them.

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Outside of Busweiser Gardens, about 150 protesters tried blocking the doors and shouted down Cosby supporters. Demonstrators also distributed leaflets with rape victims names and their individual accusations against Cosby.

Kim Petrie scolded the audience as they walked into the show, saying:

Shame on you! Thirty women, daughters, mothers, sisters!

Inside the comedy club, the audience was warned not to be disruptive or they would be booted or possibly arrested.

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Donning a hoodie with “Hello Friend” printed across the front, Cosby worked through material about his marriages and kids for nearly an hour.

At one point into the show, a woman stood up to grab a drink, Cosby asked her where she was going. The woman replied that she was going to get a drink and offered to get the comedian one too.

To which he replied:

“You have to be careful about drinking around me.”

After a few shocked gasps, the audience collectively applauded. Thirty women have accused the comedian of spiking their drinks or drugging them and raping them yet, Cosby was cheered after making that disgusting joke.

It was too much for two audience members, who started shouting:

We don’t love you Bill! You are a rapist!

As the hecklers were pulled out of the show, one of the hecklers was also reported to have said:

I’m being ejected because you are a rapist!

Here is the video of the man being removed:

After the heckler was removed, the 2,600 person audience laughed and applauded for the rest of the show.

A reporter was also ejected for filming the hecklers being removed from the show.

Another audience member was almost ejected for Tweeting during the show because cameras and cellphones are banned from Cosby’s show — which isn’t uncommon for a comedy show.

Cosby is set to perform his last show on his Canadian tour Friday night in Hamilton.

H/T: Reverb Press | Photo: Splash News

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