Bernie Sanders Visits Jimmy Fallon, Where He Drops This Epic Truth Bomb On Trump (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders paid a visit to “The Tonight Show” on December 8, where host Jimmy Fallon talked to him about his run for the presidency. Of course, the topic that very quickly came up was Donald Trump.

Fallon observes that Sanders is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He then says that if Sanders were to win the presidency, he would be the first president from New York state since Franklin Roosevelt. Sanders calls Roosevelt “a model to follow.”

Then Fallon points out that if the match-up is Sanders vs. Trump, there would be two candidates from New York. “The battle of the New York boys,” Fallon calls it.

“I look forward to that one,” Sanders replies.

Sanders, who identifies as a Democratic Socialist, has been demonized by some over that word — socialism. That has of course been the “boogey man” of American politics for close to 100 years. But with his next few comments Bernie Sanders proves that he not only understands what Donald Trump is trying to do, but also that he understands and loves America and Americans more than Trump ever will.

Here’s what Bernie had to say to Jimmy Fallon about Trump, via YouTube:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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