Bernie Sanders Kicks Off His Campaign; The Koch Bros And The 1% Can #FeelTheBern (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont, officially launched his Presidential campaign today. While he has long been an Independent, he is running on the Democratic ticket in the primary.  Should he not win the Democratic nomination the primary election, he has said repeatedly that he will support whichever candidate that does since he is vehemently opposed to a “right wing Republican” as POTUS and “will not play a role in helping to elect” such.

He reiterated that he is NOT running against Hillary Clinton or any other Republican candidate. Rather he is running FOR the American people ON the issues. He, once again, pointed out that he has never run a negative ad in his entire life and has no plans to do so now.

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Then he goes straight for the jugular:

Let me be as blunt as I can and tell you what you already know: As a result of the distastrous Supreme Court decision on Citizens United the American political system has been totally corrupted…

What the Supreme Court said, essentially, was that it was not good enough for the billionaires to own most of the economy, they can now own the United States government as well. And that is precisely what they are trying to do.

According to media reports, if you can believe them, the Koch Brothers–in this election cycle–are prepared to spend more money than either the Democrat or Republican parties.

That is not a democracy! That is oligarchy!

He re-emphasizes the need for debate about issues along with possible solutions rather than negative smear campaigns. He spoke of the economy, inequality, healthcare, jobs, unemployment, poverty, education, the environment and everything that every candidate should be addressing. Things that matter to our society now and well into the future.

Since he announced his candidacy he has made it clear to interviewers that he is not interested in bashing other candidates and that he’d really appreciate them–the media–sticking to the issues. He stresses that the media–now and in the past–plays a huge role in how this election cycle will either deliver information or propaganda–or gossip.

Announcing his candidacy has not slowed him down in the Senate.  In just the past few weeks, even while on the campaign trail, he has introduced bills to break up Wall Street, eliminate college tuition at public institutions by having corporations pay for it by (finally) paying their fair share in taxes, and–of course–overturning Citizens United.

To illustrate his transparency and commitment to being unscripted he even makes himself available for “Ask Me Anything” sessions on Reddit.

Sanders’ campaign is relying on voters with boots on the ground, not big money and corporate overlords, to get his message to the people. He has said outright:

I don’t represent large corporations and I don’t want their money.

His candidacy and his campaign are nothing short of inspiring based on the grassroots movement alone. In fact, within the first 24 hours of announcing his candidacy he out-raised all three GOP candidates within the same time period. And that just seems to be snowballing in Sanders’ favor. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get JFK’d.

Watch his campaign kick off speech here and tell us what you think:


Featured image from California for Bernie Sanders


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