Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Ted Cruz Live On CNN Using His Own Campaign Rhetoric

Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) squared off Tuesday night in a live debate on CNN. The focus of which was the ongoing repeal of the ACA. At one point someone in the audience asked a question about her own fight with breast cancer. At first, Senator Cruz seemed to answer her question quite rationally. But after some cross examination from Senator Sanders, Cruz’s story began to fall apart.

First of all, as Sanders points out, Cruz’s reassurances were the polar opposite of what he said while he was running for president just a few months ago. Sanders repeated the line “get rid of every word of Obamacare,” while Cruz akwardly grinned in the background. He then finished up his response with a chilling prediction:

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When you hear Ted and other Republicans say “we’re going to get rid of all of Obamacare; we’re going to leave it up to the states,” what do you think the states are going to do? You think they’re going to maintain the ability to protect people with prexisting conditions? They’re not. We’re going to go back to the obscenity of where we were before Obamacare.

As Sanders spoke Cruz continuously denied that he planned to take people’s insurance away. At one point claimed to have never said things that Sanders was quoting directly from his campaign speeches. But as the debate went on he seemed to stammer and lose his train of thought more and more.

Cruz then began diverting attention by claiming that Obamacare had cause millions to lose their insurance. A claim that Politifact rated “mostly false.” But both Sanders and the moderators of the debate redirected him to the actual question. Ultimately – to no one’s surprise – he refused to make any sort of substantive promises about the eventual Republican plans coverage.

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