Ben Carson: Colorado’s Delegate Rules Are Like The Jim Crow Laws (VIDEO

On Friday, former Republican primary candidate Dr. Ben Carson made an appearance on MSNBC to talk to Andrea Mitchell. During the interview, Carson whined and complained about the “unfair” delegate process in Colorado. However, Carson did first make a valid point that many liberals and conservatives can agree on:

Well, I’m not so sure it’s about Donald Trump or Reince Priebus but it’s truly about the American people and whether or not they’re being disenfranchised by people who create arbitrary rules that tend to benefit them. This happens on both sides and I think it’s one of the things that the American people are tired of. I think that’s why we’re seeing people like Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders doing so well because people are tired of the status quo. This is how it’s supposed to be with a few people sitting there and making those decisions.

Mitchell was kind enough to remind Carson that the Republican party “is a private organization.” She then read a statement from the RNC’s communication director Sean Spicer:

The rules surrounding the delegate selection have been clearly laid out in every state and territory and while each state is different, each process is easy to understand for those willing to learn it.” Mitchell continued, “take note, Donald Trump is the PS, unspoken.

Carson then broke the stupidity meter when he replied:

Yea, well, During the Jim Crow era, those were the rules too. They were written everybody knew about them. Didn’t make them right. And I’m not saying this is the same. But, you know, I think you get the point. just because rules are there, just because they’re written by somebody doesn’t mean that they’re right. It doesn’t mean you can’t review the system. There’s some things we need to look at from a historical perspective. Why do we need the electoral college anymore? Stop and ask yourself, why was that put in place and do some same circumstances apply? Actually, they do not. We need to look at a lot of different things.

Here’s the video.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that Carson’s not the first conservative to compare Colorado’s delegate rules to Jim Crow laws. The official captain of the Neo-Con tin foil hat brigade, Alex Jones, said that Colorado’s delegate-selection process “makes Jim Crow look like a blessing.”

Jim Crow laws were designed after slavery to segregate white and black Americans in a racist system they ironically called “separate but equal.” Unlike, Colorado’s Republican delegate selection rules, blacks had no say in creating the Jim Crow laws, nor did they have an opportunity to make them work to their advantage.

Often conservatives will shut down any serious discussion about race relations in America by accusing people of “race baiting.” However, when conservatives purposely used charged racial phrases and terms like “Jim Crow” and “Slavery” it’s suddenly acceptable.

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