Baltimore Protester Has Geraldo On The Run But Not How You Think (VIDEO)

Protester confronts Geraldo on Fox ‘News’ Channel’s biased reporting.

I don’t know who this man is but he schools Geraldo and the Fox News personnel on why their presence in Baltimore is completely unwelcome. Geraldo is visibly uncomfortable with the confrontation and continues to try to get away from the protester.

PROTESTER: No no no, don’t walk away when we just start talkin’

GERALDO: Cuz your not talkin’ your screamin’

PROTESTER: That’s because you want to report that we’re thugs and breaking stuff. You got all these here protecting you from black folk. We’re the ones that need protecting. Report for us. You’re working for Fox News. Adam Jackson just went on Sean Hannity. Why you runnin away? I’m not confronting you.

I took a great deal of pleasure watching this man make very valid points that Geraldo had no answer for. Geraldo is one of the worst bottom-feeders on a station full of them. This is the man who’s overly hyped special about opening Al Capone’s vault is now “synonymous for a heavily hyped event that amounts to absolutely nothing.”   And who gave away his location and details of an upcoming military operation on LIVE TV! This man rightly calls him out on his agenda and shuts down the broadcast. Watch the video here:

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