‘Babes For Trump’: Women Are Stripping On Twitter To Support Donald Trump (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Republican primary front-runner has a serious problem with female voters. According to an NBC/WSJ  National poll, almost half of all female Republican voters said that they could not see themselves ever voting for Donald Trump.

However, according to a new social media group calling themselves, “Babes for Trump,” lots of women actually love the brash, orange, billionaire megalomaniac.

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Four anonymous college men started “Babes for Trump” on Twitter and Instagram, featuring posts with photos from dozens of women posing topless (covering their nipples), semi-nude, and even fully nude while sporting various Trump paraganglia and slogans written on their bodies.from at least 100 different women across America promoting their support for Donald Trump.

The account’s profile picture shows a woman wearing a “Team Trump” wet T-shirt while drinking a red Slurpee. The profile also displays the group’s motto, “Making America Great Again One Babe At A Time.”

One post features a girl wearing a Trump 2016 baseball cap, with the red brim obscuring her face while holding what appears to be an M-16 rifle strategically placed to cover her bare breasts.

You can see that post here.

On “Babes for Trump” posts with overt sexual overtones are in abundance.


And there’s no shortage of women in American flag bikinis to tantalize their undoubtedly overwhelmingly male audience.


The creators of the site spend a lot of time defending their controversial “political expression.”

Within less than a week, the defensive creators of this social media page have watched “Babes for Trump” reach a following of over 6,000 Twitter sycophants, as the page’s numbers continue to climb.

It’s obvious that “Babes for Trump” objectifies women and turns them into accessories for an egotistical, sexist domineering male candidate.

Often, pornographers like “Babes for Trump” will try to spin feminism and use it to argue that their “artistic expression” embodies female empowerment, when the simple truth is they just want to profit from selling sexuality to men. These people could not care less about female empowerment or helping women “get their voices heard.”

August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified ensuring all women in America the right to vote. The struggle, known as the Women’s Sufferage movement saw many women jailed, raped, beaten, and killed while fighting for their right to have a voice in how their government was run.

Imagine if the women involved in the suffrage movement or their staunch opposition had any idea that something like “Babes for Trump” would exist in America’s future? Would the 19th Amendment still exist today?

Here are two videos with more information on this story.

Featured image via Twitter and George Frey/Getty.

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