Autistic Man Works For Applebee’s Restaurant For A YEAR — Never Paid A Dime For His Work (VIDEO)

Caleb Dyl, age 21, is autistic. Despite his disability, he is able to complete procedural tasks if they are explained to him and according to his parents, is very diligent. Caleb loved his part-time job in the kitchen at an Applebee’s Restaurant in Middletown, Rhode Island. He was placed there as a prep cook by the state-funded agency, Resources For Human Development (RHD). RHD informed Caleb’s parents that Applebee’s was indeed hiring Caleb as an employee and that he would be paid for his work.

Apparently not.

Caleb’s parents completed the required paperwork, and Caleb worked in the restaurant kitchen preparing food from August 2014 to March 2015, as well as in June and July of 2015. Yet, he was never paid for any of the hours he worked. Applebee’s only responded when Caleb’s parents contacted a local news organization for assistance.

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An Applebee’s spokesman issued the following statement,

In this case, a series of unintended errors resulted in Caleb not being paid for approximately seven weeks of part-time employment. This is unacceptable, and once notified, our restaurant owner quickly ensured a check was sent to Caleb’s home. Our franchisee has partnered with local service agencies for years to provide unique and valuable employment opportunities to individuals with special needs.

Applebee’s also stated that apparently inaccurate and incomplete records were kept of Caleb’s employment history, and that they are “confident” he will be paid for all of the hours he worked.

Seriously? You let someone work in your establishment for almost a YEAR and you never pay them? Great job of disenfranchising the disabled, Applebee’s.



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