Attention Ammosexuals: Obama Isn’t Stealing Your Guns, This Guy Is (VIDEO)

For years, gun nuts have been paranoid someone is going to come into their homes and take their guns. For some conservative groups and blogs, this paranoia has reached obsessive levels. Well, it turns out, for at least some Southerners in the Carolinas, their fear was justified. The catch? It wasn’t Obama or anyone else in the “evil liberal government,” it was a number of unknown individuals feeding the fetish of heroin dealer/weirdest-hoarder-ever Brent Nicholson.

South Carolina man arrested for possession of up to 10,000 stolen guns.

Late last week, Nicholson was arrested in Union County, North Carolina in connection with stolen goods on his property that included up to 10,000 guns, 150 chainsaws, crossbows, tools, and taxidermy. It seems Nicholson was arrested and charged earlier in the week for trafficking heroin and opium.

When deputies went to serve a subpoena, they noticed what appeared to be stolen goods in Nicholson’s yard. After writing up reports and getting a search warrant, a multi-agency raid ensued. According to WBTV:

Over 100 law enforcement officials were on the scene Friday and Saturday. Brooks says 20 agents will be sifting through the evidence ‘piece by piece’ starting Monday. Their goal will be to eventually find the rightful owners. Deputies estimate that 99 percent of the seized goods were stolen.

Authorities seem more concerned with returning guns to rightful owners than finding motive.

That’s right guys, let’s focus on what really matters: getting those guns back where they belong — in the hands of “good guys” who will use the weapons to stop the bad guys. Except, wait….no, having guns didn’t stop the original owners from having them stolen in the first place. To be fair, most of these guns were rifles and shotguns, which are better suited for hunting than “home defense,” but still.

There were so many thousands of guns, that they were not only piled up in Nicholson’s house and shed, but also his father’s house, the liquor store he owned with his father, and multiple tractor trailers. Nicholson’s life-long neighbor, Rusty Fender, never suspected anything but is asking some of the right questions now:

“He’s always been a good cat, but you know, people do things,” said Fender. He also has many more questions, he says. “What was you thinking? Why was you collecting that many firearms? What was you planning on doing with them? I mean was you planning on starting a riot?” questioned Fender.

The police say they don’t believe Nicholson was planning on re-selling the guns and was just hoarding them. Seems perfectly legit, right? It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, Nicholson has to say for himself.

Response from NRA and gun advocacy groups: *crickets*

One thing is for sure though, the NRA and other gun advocacy groups have remained conspicuously silent on the matter. You might think that these groups would be anxious to disavow such behavior, but you’d be wrong.

Welcome to America, where people don’t care if you stockpile stolen weapons, as long as your white. I’m sure if Nicholson had been a different skin color or a religion they don’t like, conservative groups would be jumping all over this man as a “drug-lord thug” or terrorist.

Watch the video from WSOCTV:

Featured image screen capture via Twitter.

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