Arkansas Lawmaker Hilariously Squirms When Challenged Over Illegal Religious Display (VIDEO)

The legal precedent regarding religion and religious displays in the public square is quite simple: if one religion can have a display, they all must be allowed to have a display. All or none. However, usually religious right types like to try to defy the law in favor of Christianity, having privileges and representation denied to other faith paths and paths of no faith. Well, that defiance is beginning to get more and more pushback, as it should. One group that is leading said pushback is the Satanic Temple.

Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson for the group, had the opportunity to speak with Arkansas lawmaker State Sen. Jason Rapert, who has a Ten Commandments display on the statehouse grounds, supported by a bill he himself composed. Greaves submitted an application to have a Baphomet display as well. The lawmaker, of course, wants nothing to do with any statue that isn’t explicitly Christian. When pressed on the legalities of this, Senator Rapert became visibly uncomfortable. Here is the relevant part of the exchange, via The Friendly Atheist:

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RAPERT: Well, the bottom line is that, again…

GREAVES: It’s a yes or no.

RAPERT: … this is a situation where a person is attacking the integrity of 99 legislators in the state of Arkansas…

GREAVES: So no you won’t?

RAPERT: … The fact of the matter is, if somebody sues on a frivolous nature, that’s their decision. But there is no waste standing up for a law for the state of Arkansas. We have multiple monuments on the state Capitol grounds. The application that they have submitted actually is meant only to interrupt…

GREAVES: So it’s not your money, so you’ll waste it at will.

RAPERT: … the [Satanic] monument is only meant to interrupt. Their application is to interrupt what the state of Arkansas is wanting to do…

GREAVES: Now you’re speaking to our intentions.

RAPERT: … Yesterday… the State Capitol grounds of Colorado has the exact monument on that State Capitol ground, as well as Missouri…

Here is the video of the entire interview:

It’s so delicious that finally this religious tyranny is being challenged. If one religion can display its views in the public square, then it is only fair that all religions have that same right. I hope the Satanic Temple continues to push every time some lawmaker who wants to put religion into government in any way attempts to skirt the law in a slow and deliberate effort to turn America into a Christian theocracy.

Featured image via video screen capture

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