Anti-Muslim, Anti-Gay, Anti-Religious Freedom Texas Rep. White Does It Again (VIDEO)

Texas Representative Molly White hates on just about everyone except her ‘own kind.’ That would be white and crazy.

She has once again pushed her way to the front of the lunatic-fringe line just like when she posted this past January 29th on Facebook that she was waiting for Muslims to gather outside her office and take a loyalty oath.

In fact, she found time to make a YouTube video declaring her allegiance to the flag, America and all that is Anti-Muslim.

Then she aimed her six-shooter at the LGBT community filing a bill, H.B. 2555, to prevent same-sex marriages:

[R]egardless of whether a federal court ruling or other federal law provides that a prohibition against the creation or a recognition of a same-sex marriage or a civil union is not permitted under the United States Constitution.

What Texas Molly is trying to say is that the Texas Constitution trumps the United States Constitution and she is going to make sure there is a bill with her name on it to prove it.  And she and others in Texas have been repeating themselves a lot in regards to this issue.

According to Towleroad, “White’s bill is at least the fourth anti-gay marriage bill filed in the current Texas legislative session.”

But wait, she’s not done yet.

If her little cold bigoted heart didn’t have enough to do hating on all those Muslims and the LGBT folks, she has now decided that all private business owners should be allowed to kick any customer or client to the curb if they don’t like them and this dislike is sincere and based upon their religious beliefs. Molly has once again set out to file another hate bill.

HB 2553 says in pertinent part that a private business owner has the Big Old Texas Right:

TO REFUSE TO PROVIDE GOODS OR SERVICES. (a) A private business owner may refuse to provide goods or services to any person based on a sincerely held religious belief or on conscientious grounds.

The year is still quite young and Molly is just warming up. Who is missing from her hate parade? Immigrants, the homeless, Medicare and Social Security recipients, the poor, the sick and those in need. The list is actually endless, and she is stepping up to the plate to prove she has the Texas cojones to sponsor a bill attacking each and everyone listed and more.

We’ll keep you posted.

SEE VIDEO: A big old dose of Texas’ Molly White


Featured Image: Screenshot of from YouTube Video by Molly White

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