Anti-Gay Preacher Changes Banks Over Ad With Gay Couple. Guess What His New Bank Is Doing (VIDEO/AUDIO)

Right wing nut job and alleged Christian Franklin Graham is apparently tired of warning American about the danger from “Mooslims.” He’s now on a tirade against gay Americans.

On June 8, Graham appeared on the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch radio show. He explains to host Craig James that he will be closing all Wells Fargo accounts belonging to the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA) because of an ad that bank ran during a North Carolina golf tournament, which features a gay couple. Graham is very unhappy that Wells Fargo would use shareholder money to pay for such an ad.

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Here’s the ad that has Graham so upset:

Graham tells James:

I’m not going to do business with a business promoting sin. As Christians, we don’t have to do business with Starbucks, with Nike, with Wells Fargo, with Tiffany’s that are promoting a gay lifestyle.

The bank that Graham seems to think would meet with Jesus’s approval is the North Carolina based BB&T. Graham says that BGEA has done business with BB&T for “many years,” and he calls them “a good, solid bank,” not one that panders to those icky gays, like he says Wells Fargo is doing. And as a bonus, Graham says that the ministry will save “about $100,000 a year in service charges.” Wow! You can’t beat that. Graham gets to stop supporting the “gay agenda” and will save some money to boot.

Graham should have done his homework, though.

Human Rights Campaign, which bills itself as an organization that is “working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights,” recently gave BB&T a score of 80 percent in their “corporate equality index.” BB&T was a sponsor of this year’s Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade. BB&T sponsored a wedding for a gay couple, held at the bank’s South Beach, Miami branch. BB&T also hosted a reception celebrating gay “legacy couples” who had been together for 10 years or more, during the Miami Gay Pride festival.

So, what does Franklin Graham do now? He is leaving a bank over a commercial, and moving his business’s money to one that is just covered in “the gay.” Maybe he really just wanted to save money on all of those service charges, and thought nobody would notice.

Here are Graham’s comments, via Right Wing Watch:

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Featured image via screen shot from YouTube

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