Anti-Gay Activist Goes On Video Rant, Declares ISIS Is Run By Homosexuals and Gays Want To Molest Children

We all know of inspirational activists like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi, who proactively advocated for  human rights and peace to focus the world’s attention on the injustice of humanity. And then, there’s people like Theodore Shoebat.

An anti-gay activist and religious blogger, Theodore Shoebat has quickly become the Right Wing’s Christian hero for his unsuccessful effort to find a bakery that would make a cake for him that featured offensive anti-gay messages. Recently, Shoebat posted a new article on his website titled “Islam is a homosexual cult, that wants to bring the world into a homosexual pagan empire,” in which he viciously declares ISIS a “bunch of homosexual, anti-Christian murderers.” Following the article, he posts a video rant in which he argued that ISIS is run by gays. He says:

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I love it when people tell me, (mimics in a stereotypical gay tone) ‘I don’t see gay people beheading others. Why are you fighting against gay people? I don’t see gays decapitating people.’ Um, yeah, there are gay people beheading others. It’s something called ISIS. ISIS consists of many homosexuals. Some of their top leaders are homosexual.

He then adds that all major serial killers in American history have been homosexuals, and proceeds to use Jeffrey Dahmer as an example.

After, he attacks non-discrimination laws like the one in Charlotte, North Carolina, which recently failed to pass the law allowing transgender people access to their appropriate public facilities. According to Right Wing Watch, Shoebat argues that the proposed anti-discrimination ordinance is just an excuse for gay men to gain access to women’s restrooms so they could molest young boys.

The homosexuals want to go into a woman’s bathroom so they can molest little boys. That’s what this is about. They want to molest children. They want to do some peeping tom stuff on women in the bathroom. They want to be perverts…The bottom line is that this is nothing but another incremental step to bring the civilized world back to pederasty [and] institutionalized pedophilia.

Clearly this man has lost his mind because why on earth would gay men want access to the women’s restrooms in order to molest young boys?

Watch this lunatic’s video rant below:


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