Anonymous Makes Good On Threat – KKK Members/Sympathizers Scurrying Like Roaches (VIDEO)

What was promised has finally come to pass. The hacktivist group Anonymous released a list of confirmed KKK members and sympathizers today. The list was released in a Pastebin file, and can be viewed via a link below.

Anonymous has had the racist organization in its sights for over a year, after members of the KKK threatened violence against those protesting the shooting of Michael Brown at the hands of police in Ferguson, Missouri. Anonymous claimed in earlier posts on Twitter that it had hacked KKK websites, and that it was preparing to step up its game against the cretins douchebags low-lifes various members of the race-hating organization.

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A quick perusal of the list shows that Anonymous did what appears to be a VERY thorough vetting job, as the list contains not only names, but websites and Facebook page links to those identified as members or sympathizers. KKK members were identified using verified IP addresses obtained from the hacked KKK websites. In many cases, Anonymous has links to news articles, making it much easier to follow the trail of roach droppings as these insects run to get out of the bright light revealing them to the world.

Included in the list are the usual Grand Dragons and Imperial Wizards. Perusing the posted Facebook pages, one sees a plethora of Confederate flags, KKK garb and insignia, burning crosses, torches, nooses and Nazi swastikas.

The link to the Pastebin list can be found here.

We’ll be analyzing the list and providing in-depth information in the days and weeks ahead. Check back to If You Only News as more information becomes available.

Let’s watch a video covering the list release:

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