Anderson Cooper Calls Out FL’s Homophobic AG To Her Face For Being Self-Serving Hypocrite (VIDEO)

An immediate problem for the Republicans that run Florida’s state government in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting at a gay nightclub is the fact that their own homophobia and disgusting history of standing against gay people has become glaringly obvious. How do you try to look like you’re helping the victims knowing that until a few days ago, you openly loathed them? Easy! Just openly and flagrantly lie.

Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi got to put that strategy into practice today when she was unflinchingly confronted on her hypocrisy by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Cooper, understandably emotionally exhausted from covering the senseless deaths of 49 people, had absolutely no patience for Bondi’s particular brand of insincere platitudes and he called her on it right to her face. It was extremely satisfying to watch a woman who for years demonized gay people finally get called on it.

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Bondi tried pretending that she had a real soft spot for the LGBT community, but Cooper wasn’t buying it. She was forced to stand there as he brought up her very ugly history of attacking and fighting against gay rights. Until very recently, she had even accused gay people of wishing Florida “harm” by insisting they be allowed to get married (something she argued would destroy the institution of marriage). After her repeated denials, Cooper finally brought down the hammer:

I will say, I have never really seen you talk about gays and lesbians and transgender people in a positive way until now. I read your Twitter history for the last year and you were tweeting about, you know, National Dog Month and National Shelter Dog Appreciation Day, or Adopt a Shelter Dog Day. It is Gay Pride Month. You never even tweeted about Gay Pride Month.

Bondi, of course, would never acknowledge something like Gay Pride Month, something she likely loathed. However, it didn’t stop her from claiming her website now has “hands clasped together, all different-colored, rainbow-hands people.”

Which. Is. Bullshit. A bald-faced lie she said on national television to get of out the brutal beating she was taking at the hands of a fed up Anderson Cooper.

The New Civil Rights Movement did some digging and found zero evidence that Bondi or her website ever made an acknowledgment of gay rights (outside of the time she was publicly speaking out against them).

In fact, as we wrote earlier, “An examination of Bondi’s official government websitecampaign website, Twitter page, and Facebook pages here and here, show nothing that appears like what she mentioned.”

So NCRM called Bondi’s Florida office, and then emailed her communications director, with Bondi’s exact quote. We told Whitney Ray that NCRM was stunned to find absolutely no mention of the terror attack whatsoever on her website, and, aside from two tweets, nothing else on social media – and those did not even mention the attack targeted the LGBT community.

Bondi, and other Republicans in the Florida state government, should not get to fake their humanity just because now the entire world is watching them. They’ve had years to do right by the LGBT community and they’ve repeatedly botched it. As Cooper pointed out, these people had very few nice words to say about the kind of people murdered in Orlando while they were alive. Now that they aren’t, it’s a disgrace that these same bullies think they can revise history.

Watch Cooper leave Pam Bondi sputtering below:

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