Ammosexuals Go Nuts Over Sword Wielding Attacker Being Stopped By ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ (VIDEO)

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun,” Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President has said.

So the story goes. That “good guy with a gun” is implied to be a civilian exercising his or her open or concealed carry privilege. But evidence says that the vast majority of times that a bad guy with a gun has been stopped by a “good guy,” that good guy has been a law enforcement officer, or another professional trained in the use of firearms. As Anthony Hennen points out at Red Alert Politics:

The proverbial ‘good guy with a gun’ exists. Almost 13 million Americans have permits for conceal-and-carry, and if Texas is any indication, permit holders are exceedingly law-abiding and commit less crime than the general population.

The problem with the argument is that the ‘good guy with a gun’ tends to be someone who carries a gun in a professional capacity, not just a civilian. Though not a myth, the civilian who stops a shooter is rare. [emphasis added]

But that doesn’t stop the ammosexual lobby from insisting that mass shootings, as well as other crime, would virtually disappear if more of us were carrying guns. Which brings us to this headline, from Bizpac Review:

School attacked by masked bad guy with SWORD stopped by good guy with GUN – 5 injured

They love to talk about incidents such as this, where the assailant is armed with a weapon other than a gun. But they don’t want to talk about the differences in the outcomes of this type of attack versus a mass shooting. For the record:

  • This attack took place in Sweden, where it is very difficult to get a gun.
  • The BBC reports that a teacher, as well as a male student have died from their injuries.
  • The “good guy with a gun” was an on-duty police officer, not a civilian.

An attack like this is a serious matter, no matter where it happens or what sort of weapon is involved. But the way Bizpac Review presented this story to readers smacks as a desperate attempt to promote the notion that a heavily armed populace is a desirable thing. In Sweden, this sort of attack is rare. In the U.S. it is commonplace. Had it occurred in the U.S., just like other recent attacks here, the weapon of choice would have almost certainly have been a gun. The death toll in this attack, not counting the shooter, was two — a teacher and a male student. What that death toll would have been had the attacker had a gun is anybody’s guess, but there’s little doubt it would have been much higher.

Here’s a brief video of the scene at the school following the attack, from Swedish broadcaster SVT:

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