America’s Most Toxic Anti-Gay Judge Just Got Thrown Off The Bench For MAJOR Ethics Violations

On Friday afternoon, Judge Roy Moore, Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and probably one of the most well-known bigots in the country, was thrown off his bench for ethics charges (ironically by his own Judicial Inquiry Commission) and Moore made it crystal clear that he was not happy about it:

The JIC has chosen to listen to people like Ambrosia Starling, a professed transvestite, and other gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals, as well as organizations which support their agenda. We intend to fight this agenda vigorously and expect to prevail.

It appears that Moore was under the impression that he didn’t need to comply with the law, and decided to go ahead and try to impede marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The JIC was not fond of this plan and accused him of “failing to act with impartiality and refusing to follow ‘clear law.'”

Moore is also charged with “acting while a lawsuit over the constitutionality of same-sex marriage was pending before the court,” and at a press conference on April 27, he went as far as to call what was happening to him “politically motivated.” He also said that these “homosexual” marriages should be regulated by the Supreme Court of the United States, which is I guess he doesn’t realize… it kind of already is.

Watch that video here:

Let’s be frank here. This man is a bigot. He doesn’t care to uphold the rights of the citizens in his state or any other. He would rather just make up his own laws. It is comforting to know that even though Alabama has a reputation for being full of “Roy Moore” types (homophobic bigots), at least the judges in Alabama have the common sense to suspend him until he’s prosecuted for his crimes.

Let’s just hope they don’t let him back on the bench.

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