Ambulance Kills Woman, Bills Her Family $25K For The Favor (VIDEO)

An ambulance company actually had the audacity to charge a woman’s family $25,000 for a medical helicopter ride that she didn’t even live long enough to take after she was killed by a speeding ambulance that crashed into her car.

64-year-old Sheila Breck was on her way to pick her daughter, April Breck, up at work when an ambulance appeared out of nowhere. The emergency vehicle was on its way to another call and was flying down the street at a high rate of speed.

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It turns out that an ambulance going to a different call hit her in my car going 85 miles per hour, so as to her injuries … I mean, the list of injuries are page after page after page,” April said.

As rescue workers struggled to free Sheila from the wreckage, they called for an air ambulance because of the severity of her injuries. Unfortunately, before the helicopter arrived, her heart stopped beating and she was pronounced dead at the scene of the wreck.

As if this wasn’t horrible enough, her daughter was in for yet another shock.

So then about a week later, I was trying to deal with all of the insurance issues, car insurance issues, and PHI, the air ambulance company, started calling me and telling me she had this bill for $25,000,” Breck said.

Apparently, this is the “base rate” charged by the company that operates the air ambulance, PHI Air Medical. This amount is a whopping $18,000 more than the cost of the ER doctor, hospital and ground ambulance put together.

PHI says this isn’t a bill, just a statement. Nevermind the fact that it had a the standard “amount enclosed” box and a place to enter your credit card information. “Sure looks like a bill to me,” Breck said. And she should know because she has plenty of them to look at since a new “statement” comes every month.

This is what the company had to say for themselves:

If our helicopter and crew have been called to a scene to provide critical care services to a patient in need, this means we have incurred costs on our end to provide this specialized care.

PHI added that their rates vary based on where in the community the patient is located. Presumably, compassion and human decency are not included in this fee.

Featured image via video screen capture

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