Alex Jones Says There’s A Global Conspiracy To Kill President Obama (VIDEO)

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is worried that there might be a “false flag” assassination attempt on President Obama. Make no mistake, this is not because he’s any great fan of our president. It’s because assassinating Obama would make him a martyr, which would make it so “the globalists” could “lionize” every awful thing he’s ever done.

According to Right Wing Watch’s video, he’s been saying this for six years. Not only will “they” make a martyr out of Obama, “they” will also accuse anybody who hates Obamacare, or who won’t turn in their guns, of wanting to kill people.

Alex Jones is the man that also accused Obama of letting Ebola into the country purposely to bankrupt us, and to start a new civil war. In that conspiracy-laden diatribe, he said that part of the plan was to make Obama “the new Lincoln,” leading the war effort, according to Media Matters for America.

Paul Joseph Watson, a writer for Alex Jones’ Info Wars conspiracy site, believes that Obama decided to announce his so-called amnesty plan now, so close to the time that the grand jury in Ferguson is expected to announce their decision of whether to indict Darren Wilson, so he could create civil unrest. He wrote:

“Could the administration not have waited at least a few days to announce the amnesty plan, allowing any potential violence in reaction to the Wilson verdict to subside? Or is Obama deliberately trying to foster division in order to polarize the country as his only means of creating some form of momentum behind the immigration push?”

Basically, Alex Jones hates government, hates Obama, and hates liberals. He’s trying to spread fear of Obama in a variety of ways, but this is a new one. Now he wants us to fear not just Obama, but “them,” the ones who will supposedly assassinate him so they can write all these terrible things into stone, and force us all to live by them.

Jones is just a tool, but we keep reporting on him because he says some truly outrageous stuff.

Listen to his silliness here:

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