African-American Georgia Man Found Hanging From A Tree, Possibly Lynched (VIDEO)

Police in Greensboro, Georgia are investigating what may be a modern day lynching.

The victim, Roosevelt Champion III, 43, had recently been questioned in connection with the death of a white woman. He was found hanging from a tree on Monday – suspended by the type of tie-downs one might use to secure cargo on vehicles.

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The tree was not on Champion’s property, but so far, police are saying there’s no evidence he was lifted into the tree, which could mean he hanged himself. Police will know more after an autopsy but for now, they are saying there are no obvious signs of foul play.

There is, however, a Facebook page dedicated to abuses by the Greensboro police.

Here’s the video:

While it might not be a lynching, during the Jim Crow era, lynching as a way to “protect” white women from brutish black “bucks,” and was far too common.

While lynchings are far less common now than they were in the pre-civil rights era, they do still happen. Just a few weeks ago, Rolling Out profiled five modern day lynchings, many of which were not called lynching by the police.

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