7 Passengers Kicked Off Spirit Airlines For Talking To Each Other While Black (VIDEO)

Spirit Airlines is under fire this evening after flight attendants kicked seven African-American passengers off of a flight from Los Angeles to Dallas on Monday.

According to officials, Los Angeles International Airport police were called after a male passenger was accused of causing a disturbance on the flight. The man and the woman he was with were asked to get off the plane and refused, so the police were called. When police arrived. While they were dealing with the police, flight attendants said that five other African-American passengers began causing a scene — they were kicked off the flight as well.

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Alexandra Wright, one of the passengers kicked off the plane said she felt as if the flight attendants were targeting the black people on the plane:

A man was sitting in the wrong seat so he and the woman were supposed to switch seats, but they decided that they wanted to sit together. The flight attendant overheard the conversation. He came over and was just kind of making nasty remarks, making them switch… He was just really nasty towards him and told him, ‘No, you guys have to switch.’

Other passengers disagreed and said that the flight attendants did nothing wrong. None of the passengers who were kicked off the plane were cited for anything.

Watch a video about it and let us know what you think in the comment section:

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