20 Years Ago This DA Taught Prosecutors To Pick Racist, Uneducated Jurors–It Still Works To This Day (VIDEO)

There have been numerous studies over the years about jury selection as it relates to racism. There has been overwhelming evidence that supports the theory that prosecutors, particularly in areas where private prisons need to be kept at near-full capacity, systematically eliminate minorities from jury pools.

This video highlights Philadelphia DA Jack McMahon back in 1996, giving a seminar to other prosecutors on just how to fix trials so they would win. Guilt or innocence doesn’t matter; do whatever it takes to get the conviction.

It takes less than a minute for McMahon to outline his philosophy. First, conviction rates go down when black people are on the jury. That, of course, has to do with the institutional racism that has black defendants on a revolving court door, stuck in a system they can’t afford to be in, yet can’t escape.

Along with blacks, anyone who appears intelligent has to go. Two decades ago juries were selected to be as white and stupid as possible, and considering our number of incarcerated has more than doubled in that time, the trend hasn’t slowed in the least.

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Watch this district attorney teach prosecutors to select all white, all stupid juries.

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