13-Year-Old Kills 6-Year-Old Brother And Shoots Other Brother With Unsecured Gun Before Killing Self (VIDEO)

A sibling dispute over food turned deadly on Wednesday when a 13-year-old boy found an unsecured gun at home, killed his 6-year-old brother, injured his other 16-year-old brother, and then committed suicide. The boys are just the latest victims added to the long list of dead kids, courtesy of America’s gun culture.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said that the 16-year-old called police at 6:19 p.m. and asked for help after his brother shot him. The shooting occurred while the boys’ mother was at work and another, 18-year-old brother, was not at home. Police arrived and found two boys dead and the 16-year-old with a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

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This is a horrific scene,” Nocco said. “This is a nightmare when you hear about the ages of these boys, a 6-year-old that was probably playing in his room, an argument over food and he lost his life.

Deputies are still investigating the crime and trying to find out whose gun was used in the shooting.

Republicans claim that there isn’t a gun problem in this country, but the sheer number of dead and injured kids, nearly 10,000 a year, tells a much different story. In this case, we have a teenage boy who was able to get his hands on a gun and kill his little brother and himself. Is that not a problem?

They will say,”That gun owner wasn’t a ‘responsible gun-owner’ like the rest of us.” That’s their go-to excuse; the problem with that line is that they are responsible until they are not.

Liberals don’t want your guns, but we do want people to practice safety. A 13-year-old should not ever, ever, ever be able to get ahold of a gun. Period.

I come from a family of gun-owners, and they are always locked up when my 10-year old is around. As a matter of fact, my gun-owning brother, who recently retired from the Army, is staying with our parents where my son spends a lot of time. Just this morning my brother said,”My gun is under my bed, so please don’t bring Aidan over until I get home so I can put my gun in the safe.” Simple gun-safety.

So many kids would be alive if all ammosexuals would just keep their guns locked up when children are around. It’s common sense, isn’t it?

Watch a news report on the shooting:

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