Yet Another WTF Moment From Bristol Palin: We Should Not Hide Guns From Kids (VIDEO)

Bristol Palin writes for Patheos, and recently penned an awful little piece regarding an experiment that was designed to help parents understand that all young kids must be taught about gun dangers. Her conclusion? Children need MOAR GUNZ- what could possibly go wrong?!?

First, the title of her mental effusion:

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Shocking Results: Experiment Tests Kids Raised Around Guns and Those Shielded From Them

One, the fact is that this is not about children “shielded” from guns and those raised around them – it was a group of  7 mothers, and 8 children, with apparently only two children raised “around guns” that were locked in safes and kept safely away from them.

According to Palin, the two kids that didn’t touch the gun did not because they live in proximity to guns:

Let that sit with you for a moment. Only the children whose homes had exposed them to guns knew not to touch the dangerous toy. As other children ran around pointing it at each other, two stood back because their parents understood the importance of teaching and appropriate exposure.

Parents assume their child will automatically know what is and is not dangerous. The danger is not guns themselves, but a lack of education.

So thankful Tripp is around guns and knows how to act around them.

Two, this single unscientific experiment does not actually show that kids should be raised around guns (DUH). What is missing here is education FOR THE PARENTS, and what Palin missed is, OH YEAH, kids with access to guns will probably point them at other people because guns are a problem when children have access to them.

Six of these children had never been told that ALL guns are dangerous at all times – there are no “toy” guns. Six of these children were raised ignoring the dangers that guns represent, that’s a problem in a country where so many people, like this cretin, treat guns like cherished toys instead of deadly tools. But there is also something even more “shocking” and potentially deadly that Palin missed.

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This experiment doesn’t shock people because the two children raised to respect the deadly potential that a firearm poses didn’t touch the guns. However, what may shock parents that have educated their children about the dangers of guns is that those children raised around guns did not — in any way – stop what would have quite possibly been yet another loss of innocent life.

The children raised around guns didn’t get an adult, they didn’t tell other kids not to touch the gun, and they didn’t “intuitively” know that the gun being played with was a VERY good reason to get the hell out of that room.

In other words, these pre-school and kindergarten aged children were no less likely to be shot by the gun in this room. They were only less likely to be the shooter. While knowing that your child is less likely to kill another human being if someone gives them access to a gun is good, it doesn’t stop the potential of tragedy.

What we learn here is that guns need to be locked away from kids.

What this experiment does tell us is that children raised by parents who do not teach gun safety, in a country where guns are probably more likely to be “found” by kids than we want to admit, are likely to accidentally kill someone.

Now, here is the SHOCKING part that Ms. Virginal McBabymaker has forgotten: in 2015 toddlers shoot and kill people at a rate exceeding the number of police officers killed in the USA. Often these kids were killed by other children, with their own parents guns. Not to mention the parents killed by their own kids, again, often with their own guns.

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Let that sink in.

The vacuous moron has the ear of many a Tea Party family, and those people are listening to her imbecilic, baseless intimation that more exposure to firearms will magically cause pre-schoolers to know that guns are dangerous and stop children and parents from being killed by them leaving guns where kids may have access to them. Preschool-aged children have a very limited ability to reason, and that means that they just can’t understand what it means when we say that picking up that particular object can end someone’s life.

Put simply, MORE GUNS is not the answer to LESS DEATH among our children. More education, and less trivialization of the deadly tools (also known as gun control) is called for, but giving small children more opportunities to make a mistake that will haunt them and everyone affected by that decision for the rest of their lives is not.

Bristol Palin, please sit the f*ck down and shut the f*ck up before you have to live with your advice killing kids.

Watch the experiment that caused Palin to decide that kids need to be around more guns, here:

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