WTF America?!? Moron Gun Nut Forces Daughter To Duel With Loaded Guns, Shots Fired

Child abuse charges have been filed against yet another angry white guy using firearms like 12-year-olds playing cops and robbers. Sadly, this incident involved an insane, real-life, involuntary gun battle between a father and daughter.

The 38-year-old Colorado man forced his own daughter  to “duel” him with loaded guns, then pulled a shotgun on her and her mother as they tried to flee. Seriously, this actually f*cking happened and shots were fired, but what will make you actually see red is the charges filed.

From the El Paso Sheriff's Office.

Via the El Paso Sheriff’s Office

During an argument with his minor child, who’s age was not released, Robert Williams inexplicably took out a gun and forced her at gunpoint to retrieve a gun from the other room after which shots were fired. His child will now have to live with this for the rest of her life, and it is Williams’ fault. Williams’ gun went off “during a struggle,” and the daughter fired back at her dad — fortunately she missed, so at least she doesn’t have the imbecile’s death to deal with also.

As an adult, and a parent, I must admit that it is a tough job being a parent. The rolling eyes, the unyielding “knows EVERYthing EVER” attitudes of youth, and even the contrary temper tantrums of young childhood all test a parent’s patience. Most parents struggle to find the right discipline, and most of us have yelled when a stern tone would do — no one is perfect.

This man was unable to think of any other way to settle an argument with his child and her mother other than to use deadly force. Because ‘MURICA and GUNZ, or because of lack of mental faculties, it doesn’t matter — this should never have happened. But then again, neither should the more than 33,000 gun deaths in the U.S. in 2013 alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to Liberal America, these deaths included murder, suicide, and accidental shootings, but there was no separate category for “duel.”

What excuse could there possibly be for such behavior? NONE. There was no mention of alcohol or drugs involved in the dispute by the El Paso Sheriff’s office, which reported that Williams was safely taken into custody after traumatizing his family for life and after his wife had to get a rifle to escape to the neighbor’s house to call 911. Even if there were, that is not an excuse under the CO menacing law.

Williams was ONLY charged with two counts of felony menacing, prohibited use of a weapon and child abuse.

“Prohibited use of a weapon,” not attempted murder, not felony “I just forced my kid into a duel because I am a f*cking jackass,” not attempted assault with a deadly weapon. In Colorado, a brainless cretin without the simple ability to discern that one doesn’t use a weapon to solve an argument with a child can literally shoot at their own child, force that child into doing the same, terrorize at least two households, pull a shotgun on his wife and child, and only get charged with felony menacing, a crime that carries a presumptive sentence of only 3 years in Colorado.

The prohibited use of a weapon charge carries a laughable penalty, from 3 to 12 months in jail, and covers knowingly pointing the gun or discharging it in an unsafe way. Thanks, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (Facebook), really. Are these charges really enough for this?

How can we allow this to continue? The NRA has lobbied so well, there is now a soft fall for gun offenders, like this man, especially those who don’t actually manage to kill their victims.

Featured image via El Paso Sheriff’s Office

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