World’s Dumbest Armed Robber Loses Gun to Victim While Returning ID Card

If there’s one thing to be learned from what many would call an unsuccessful armed robbery that occurred early Thursday morning in Fremont, Washington it’s that, perhaps, one should consider another profession if he is stupid enough to allow his victim to take his weapon….or negotiate.

An unnamed would-be random superhero origin story minor villain attempted to use the magical power of his stolen 9mm Glock to extract “stuff” from a victim, but found the tables turned when he turned out to be the dumbest person to ever attempt this sort of crime.

The victim says that he was walking at around 12:30 a.m. when a man approached from behind and demanded his “stuff.” The victim provided a “no” as a response.

“Well, at least give me your wallet, then,” the assailant demanded. The victim, once again, refused the request, as this likely seemed like a one-sided deal. Feeling the need to be more assertive, the attacker pulled out his gun and demanded the wallet again.

This time, the victim agreed, but asked that this incredibly stupid mugger return his identification, a request to which the robber agreed. Unfortunately, as struggled with his attempt to remove the identification from its wallet prison while holding his gun, the failure of a brigand lost his weapon.

The victim grabbed the weapon, aimed it at his attacker, and ordered the return of his wallet. The bumbling bandito rushed his would-be victim. The two wrestled for control of the gun, and the victim was bitten in the leg and hit in the groin during the struggle. Ultimately, the prey emerged from the scuffle victorious.

The wannabe robber managed to flee on foot before police arrived, and a search turned up empty — but we will always have the memories of that night the Bad Guy With a Gun™ lost to nothing more than the superior wit of someone he tried to victimize.


Featured photo: via PRlog.

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