Working Meth Lab Discovered In Walmart Bathroom In Indiana (VIDEO)

Only in Walmart…

Anyone who has bravely set foot into a Walmart store has probably seen something bizarre. A wild-eyed mother of seven screaming at her kids, weird tattoos, missing teeth, strange outfits on strange people, someone bringing sexy back on a scooter wearing 10 sizes too small clothing, old men’s butt cracks galore, and tweekers, tweekers everywhere. We’ve seen you, and you go, party people!

But a working meth lab inside Walmart has to be a first.

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Indiana state police (ISP) were alerted at around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday after an Muncie Walmart employee said they saw a suspicious person enter the men’s restroom with a backpack, and then leave after some time without it. Police discovered a working meth lab and alerted their special meth suppression team to remove the volatile chemicals associated with meth production.

The Star Press reports officers involved saying:

The backpack was found to contain a meth lab – a term applied by law enforcement not only to facilities used to produce meth, but to smaller items, such as two-liter soft-drink bottles, frequently used to mix the contents used in meth ‘cooking.’

The Delaware County Health Inspector closed down the restroom for decontamination. The women’s restroom nearby was also closed.

The ISP says public meth labs are a growing trend over the last two years. Meth producers quickly create meth amphetamines in the public and leave the labs behind only later to return to collect the finished product so they don’t contaminate or risk explosions in their own homes.

The ISP is conducting an investigation into who left the meth lab behind, surveillance videos from Walmart have been handed over to police.

The chemicals associated with meth production are extremely dangerous and can cause explosions, chemical burns and are dangerous if inhaled. Several arrests have been made by monitoring the purchases of individuals that are associated with meth production, such as sinus medication, Liquid Fire drain cleaner, and ammonia and ask that anyone call the ISP’s drug tip line if individuals are seen purchasing large amounts of these products at 1-800-453-4756.

Walmart seems to attract this kind of activity. Last year in April a meth lab was discovered operating in a Walmart parking lot.

Police may want to question this young lady first:



H/T: The Star Press | Photo: People of Walmart

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