Woman Found Frozen To The Ground In Tennessee (VIDEO)

The people of Franklin, Tennessee have been experiencing snow and well-below-freezing temperatures. Last Friday around 9:30 a.m., enduring 12 degree weather, Keith Sheldon, a Williamson County photographer, was out taking photographs of the spectacle when he noticed a car that had been abandoned in the snow and ice. He went to take a photograph of the vehicle for the church, just in case any of the members could identify it – when he noticed an elderly woman laying in the snow and ice just beyond the vehicle.

Sheldon called out to the woman, but she didn’t notice him until he was upon her. He then called 911 and stayed with her until paramedics arrived. Much to their surprise, when they attempted to the lift the disoriented woman, they found that she was frozen to the ground.

WKRN reports:

Sheldon said the woman was lying on her side in a fetal position with her hands tucked into her sweater. She was also covering the bottom of her face, signs he said, told him she was very cold.

Turns out the woman, whose first name is Patricia, is 74 years old, suffers from a brain dysfunction, and had been missing for two days. She was treated for hypothermia at Williamson Medical Center and has since been released.

Patricia’s daughter wrote a letter thanking first responders noting that “law enforcement’s reputation has taken a hit recently, but my faith in greater good and service of our officers has never waivered.” 

My personal note here would be that a citizen, Keith Sheldon, saved the day along with the paramedics.  I’m not sure that law enforcement officers had much, if anything, to do with it.


Featured Image via WKRN Video Screen Capture

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