Woman Confuses Algebra For Terrorism, Demands Math Professor Be Removed From Plane

Anti-Muslim fearmongering continues to run rampant in America, this time delaying an American Airlines flight because one passenger was so stupid, she mistook math equations for, I dunno, terrorist scribblings? No seriously, this actually happened:

An economics professor at the University of Pennsylvania, originally from Italy, was just scribbling down math equations on a piece of paper while waiting for his American Airlines flight to take off, but the passenger next to him thought he was up to no good.

So the woman sitting next to Guido Menzio alerted a flight attendant that she was “sick”and after the plane, American Eagle Flight 3950, was delayed on the tarmac for nearly 30 minutes Thursday, Menzio was removed from the aircraft by a pilot, along with his fake-ill neighbor.

Now, it’s easy to see why the woman was afraid for her very life. Just look at this guy!

Guido Menzio

With a beard like that, how could he NOT be  a suicidal jihadist Muslim extremist bad guy preparing to blow up a plane by scribbling stuff on a piece of paper?!

I guess this means we can add “Italian” to the list of “People easily mistaken for a Muslim by really stupid people.” The list is getting quite long by now.

Fortunately for Menzio, while the woman was too afraid to reboard the plane, the pilot, perhaps recognizing his Islamic scribbling as “math” (which is actually Arabic anyway), let the mathematician back on and continued with the flight. Still, Menzio was pretty sure where all of this nonsense came from. In a Facebook post that has been since deleted (but preserved on twitter), Menzio had this to say:

It’s a bit funny. It’s a bit worrisome. The lady just looked at me, looked at my writing of mysterious formulae and concluded I was up to no good.
Because of that an entire flight was delayed by 1.5 hours.

Trump’s America is already here. It’s not yet in power though. Personally, I will fight back.

So say we all.

Featured image via Wikipedia

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