Wisconsin Lawmakers Think Women Don’t Like To Hunt Because They Can’t Wear Pink (VIDEO)

In one of the most patronizing bills I’ve seen in a long time, lawmakers in Wisconsin are pushing forth a bill that would allow deer hunters to wear pink, instead of, or in addition to, the usual orange. Why? So more women would hunt.

The legislation was introduced by Rep. Nick Milroy, who disappointingly is a Democrat.

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I wanted to explore the possibility of allowing blaze pink hunting clothing as a way to recognize and encourage the increasing number of women who are hunting in Wisconsin. Women outnumber men three to one among new hunters. Before we could move forward, we had to confirm that blaze pink was as safe as blaze orange, and we also wanted to ensure that it wouldn’t make hunters more visible to deer,” Rep. Milroy continued.

Source: Fox 6


Here’s the video:

Why Wisconsin would want to encourage women who aren’t already inclined to hunt is a mystery, or maybe it’s not. Milroy has a D grade with the National Rifle Association, meaning he’s not particularly NRA friendly, but the NRA has to be loving this bill. They’ve been marketing to women for years, and pink guns are one of their marketing tactics.

Either way, it’s time society stopped insulting women by treating us like little girls. It’s fine to like pink, but I’d imagine that if a woman is attracted to hunting, it’s not because she would get to wear pink.

Featured image via Fox6 video screen capture.

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