When The GOP Took Politics Below The Belt, The Internet Wasted No Time Piling On The Mockery (MEMES)

The internet is not a very forgiving place. However, sometimes the mockery that one finds dripping from the lips of trolls and displayed in the art of meme-lampoonery is simply so ridiculously deserved and perfectly pointed that we must pay homage. So, here you go — the best damn memes anywhere mocking the penile politics of the GOP.

He just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to assure us there was “no problem.”:


“Republican Debate” just doesn’t mean what it used to:


Because, of course, that is what voters need to see in their candidate:


The following memes were found in a meme creating group on Facebook:

Dwayne herbert camacho don't need to brag


Small Hands - small wiener

talk to the hands - clubhouse

It may be a little difficult to find these memes on your own, this one comes from one of the most offensive (purposely) pages on Facebook — seriously, you have been warned this page is NOT PC and pretty disgusting. However, this meme though:


And then again, the protest seems to be a bit strident. Besides, what about his minor issue with the truth?:


Most of us are terrified that the citrine candidate might actually try to show us his… er, pride(?):


The saddest part is that this lowering of American politics to the gutter doesn’t bother the vapid and hate-filled GOP voter base that is supporting Trump and Cruz:


However, the best and most hilarious internet slam on this may not even be a meme… twitter FTW:


This is the sad state of the GOP folks, they can’t fall any farther without one of them ripping ass to answer a question at a debate, and they are definitely beyond redemption internationally. Just to scare the bejesus out of all of us, this Czech magazine ran this headline, which has been translated to read: do apes rule the world?


Go vote and vote BLUE because the alternative is unthinkable.


Featured image via Facebook

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