WATCH: White Trash Bully Repeatedly Picks On Homeless Man In The Park, Until This Happens (VIDEO)

A bystander caught footage of a man picking on a homeless guy in a park this week, and decided to upload it onto You Tube.

The video shows the man (in the blue shirt) repeatedly instigating a confrontation with the homeless guy. They start out exchanging pushes, but when the homeless man falls down, an unnamed black man noticing the injustice comes to the rescue and smashes a glass bottle on the guys head. Instead of choosing to fight this bully, he walks away from the incident, not trying to provoke anything further (it appears he just wants him to leave the homeless guy alone).

But, the bully doesn’t. He continues to bother the old, homeless man. He spits on him, yells obscenities, and throws things in his direction. It’s not sure why he is picking on him, as it appears he just wants to be left alone. 

The unnamed hero in the distance sees this happening again, and runs back over to his defense, finally scaring the bully away.

Oddly, this guy has no problem picking on a homeless guy with a huge blade in his hands but he won’t mess with a black man?

H/T: TCU BMX | Featured Image: Bully

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