WATCH: Two Women Brawl At Walmart, Mom Tells Son: ‘Punch Her In The F**** Face!’ (VIDEO)

An argument at a Walmart in Beech Grove, Indiana got out of hand when two women and a 6-year-old boy got into a brawl. To make matters worse, not a single Walmart employee or manager arrived to help out, despite a huge group of onlookers drawing even more attention to an already out of control scene.

One of the women was in a Walmart stroller reserved for people with disabilities. It’s not clear if the woman actually had a disability, but she didn’t appear to have too much trouble getting out of her seat to confront the other woman provoking her verbally.

As they are fighting, a six year-old boy is told by his mother to help her in assaulting the woman.

Johnny, punch her in the f***in face. Punch her in the f***in face.

He not only does that, but starts yelling at the woman, takes a bottle of shampoo and hits her over the head with it, in addition to kicking her multiple times.

While some in the crowd have opinions of what is going on, no one is brave enough to interfere.

Here is part 1: 

Warning: Graphic Language

Here is part 2:

Featured image via screen capture from You Tube

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