Watch Trump Crowd Get Visibly Bummed Out When Trump Says He ‘Condemns Bigotry’

Whatever the sights a Trump supporter might hope to see by attending a Trump rally, apparently having their hero condemn bigotry isn’t one of them. Weeks after hate crimes began to surge following Trump’s election, the president-elect finally bothered to explicitly condemn hatred and bigotry… and the crowd went silent.

Trump was in Ohio at the first of his “victory rallies” to celebrate his election. (If you’re wondering, no, “victory rallies” aren’t a tradition. Trump just came up with them to continue getting the chance to hold rallies – the only part of the campaign he seemed to actually enjoy.) To the surprise of his followers, he said he was against bigotry.

“We condemn bigotry and prejudice in all of its forms. We denounce all of the hatred and we forcefully reject the language of exclusion.”

The crowd goes from loudly cheering to near silence in a matter of seconds. The men and women seen behind Trump don’t even bother to clap. Some look confused.

What’s sadder is that Trump’s stab at tolerance wasn’t even a particularly forcefully one. Despite what some news outlets reported, he didn’t “denounce the alt-right.” He vaguely said he was against “bigotry,” a word so nebulous that he once used it to describe Hillary Clinton when she herself condemned neo-Nazis and xenophobes. The fact that the crowd couldn’t even muster enthusiasm for this watered down plea for tolerance is mind boggling.

And if you think Trump is turning over a new leaf, don’t worry. The rest of the rally was a characteristic shitshow. Early on, Trump decided to attack Hillary Clinton and the crowd responded with a chant of “Lock her up!” Just like old times. He later blamed terrorism on “stupid politicians” letting in refugees. The rest was filled with whining.

If Trump was trying compassion on for size, the fit was all wrong. And his followers, having voted for Trump specifically because of his previous appeals to hatred, seem to not dig the new look either.

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