Watch This Would Be Car Thief Knock Himself Out With A Brick (VIDEO)

We all know that most criminals aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, right? If they were smarter, they might have real jobs. But, their ineptitude often makes it easy for police to catch them, and sometimes gives the rest of us a moment or two of reality tv type entertainment. And, as this video proves, it’s not just American criminals who are dumb, but it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

The Irish newspaper, The Independent, tells the story of a man who attempted to break into a car by throwing a brick through the car’s window. A nearby security camera captured the whole event on video. The man walks up to the car, and attempts to break in by throwing a stone, but the stone just bounces off the window. After two tries, the man disappears, only to come back a short time later, and tries again, with a brick. This time, the brick bounces back, and strikes the would be thief in the head.

The car belongs to Gerry Brady, the owner of a nearby pub. When he discovered the man, lying unconscious in a pool of his own blood, Brady says he tried to help. But then the man tried to blackmail him.

Brady says the man asked him for 50 Euros for a taxi. When Brady refused, saying that he had to buy a new window, the man threatened to burn down his pub. “I see you, I know you. I’ll burn you out. I’ll tell the gardas [police] you beat me up. I’ll go to my solicitor,” Brady claims the man said.

When the police picked up the man, he told them that Brady had attacked him. But then Brady appeared, with the security camera video in hand. “You should have heard the garda laughing when they saw the video. They were in stitches,” Brady says.

Here’s our nominee for the dumbest criminal of the week, via Gerry Brady, and The Independent:

H/T The Huffington Post | Screen capture via YouTube

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