Watch: This Megachurch Pastor Tells Pope To Beg Forgiveness For Attacking ‘Martyr’ Donald Trump (Audio)

At no point in the entire election cycle have I ever gotten the impression that Trump is Christian. In fact, early on in the election cycle — way back in July of last year — he told an audience in Iowa, “I drink my little wine, and I eat my little cracker, and I do that as often as possible—because I feel cleansed, okay?”

Despite this, among other barely coherent statements he’s made, Trump has nevertheless managed to win over the religious right in droves. Thus, they swarmed to his aid when the Pope attacked him for not being a real Christian, including one megapastor who told radio host Sean Hannity that the Pope should beg forgiveness from “martyr” Teflon Don.

Robert Jeffress, the man who once claimed that the SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality and the rainbow lights on the White House celebrating it were a sign of the end times, sat down with radio host and slick propagandist Sean Hannity to discuss why the Pope should apologize for attacking the Teflon Don.
In particular, Jeffress emphasized that the Pope was at risk from ISIS and Trump, because machismo, would protect him as president:

Sean, I think the Pope needs to ask Donald Trump’s forgiveness for making such an outlandish statement. I want to remind our listeners that it was exactly one year ago this week that 21 Coptic Christians’ had their heads chopped off by ISIS on a Libyan beach and then ISIS said, ‘we are coming to Rome next.’

According to Jeffress, the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics was “confused” about the role of the Church — which is to “show compassion,” as opposed to the government, which is to “uphold order and to protect its citizens.” Jeffress also claimed that Trump was a “martyr” in the making:

And the fact that we have a candidate like Donald Trump who wants to protect America, that’s not unbiblical. The Pope is confused between the role of the Church, which is to show compassion, and the role of government, which is to uphold order and to protect its citizens. And I want to make a prediction. I think the Pope has succeeded in doing what no other man on Earth could do, and that is creating a martyr in Donald Trump.

If Trump is a martyr to anything at all, it’s his own ego.

The Pope took his shot at Trump on Thursday, noting, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not of building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel.”

What the Pope doesn’t spell out fully is that the religious right gave up being Christian a long time ago, and replaced it with some a weird Manichean-Mammon worship hybrid, dressed up pretty to look like Jesus. And few embody this new faith better than Donald Trump does.

Listen to the audio below:

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