Watch This ‘Genius’ Try To Kill A Spider With A Lighter, While Putting Gas In His Car (VIDEO)

Arachnophobes, pay attention to this story out of Detroit. A man, who says he is terrified of spiders, saw a spider on his car while he was filling up with gas. There’s a reason why they have those warning signs on gas pumps. You know, the ones that say things like “Danger: No Smoking.” The unidentified man in this video realizes that now.

The man can be seen pumping gas into his car when he notices a spider crawling around near the gas filler cap. Instead of taking a paper towel, or something similar, and squashing the arachnid, the man decides to send the bug to Hades — by torching him with a cigarette lighter. Of course, when he does that, you know what happens. The flame from the lighter ignites some fuel or vapor, and within a couple of seconds, the whole area, including the gas pump, is on fire.

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Fortunately the man keeps his wits about him, moves his car out of the way, and puts out the flames with a fire extinguisher. His quick thinking probably saved the whole gas station from going up in flames. If only he had used his head a little more about the spider.

The man and everyone else at the station were unharmed. There has been no word about the condition of the spider.

Here’s a report, from Fox2Detroit:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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