Watch This Car Plow Through Michael Brown Supporters and Drag a Woman Down The Street (VIDEO)

Protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota who were marching in opposition to the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson were horrified when a car plowed through the crowd, dragging a woman down the street in the process. In video captured by the Star Tribune, what appears to be a Subaru Outback was captured driving with a few people on its hood as it pushes through the crowd of Brown supporters.

One woman’s leg becomes caught under the car’s tire with an audible snap as the driver hits her from behind. The vehicle comes to a halt, finally, as it seems to be unable to move further with a human being’s body part caught in it. Protesters surrounded and punched the vehicle, as they attempted to open the door and stop the driver from wreaking any more havoc.

After the victim is moved out of the way, the driver speeds, off, knocking several people to the ground. Protesters gave chase as one man yelled, “Get his plate! Get his f*cking plate!”

Star Tribune reporter Libor Jany explained:

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Police say the woman suffered “minor injuries,” and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The driver eventually stopped and called police to self-report the attack. According to police spokesman Scott Seroka, no one was arrested for the vehicular assault. The driver was taken into custody, and then released.

Authorities later blocked off the intersection to protect human life and allow the demonstrators to exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of insane drivers attempting to do them harm.

The rally was one of two in Minneapolis. Both drew large crowds. The Star Tribune reports that the number of demonstrators swelled to over 1,000.

Watch this horrific assault, below:

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