Watch The Dumbest Racist Rant EVER: All Black People Are Racist Because ‘Black Barbie’ (VIDEO)

This is Timothy.  His followers have affectionately named him “GoTimothy.”  GoTimothy is a religious nut who wrote his own Gospel after being visited by The Almighty himself.

In keeping with God-fearing Christian beliefs, GoTimothy has gotten to the bottom of the racism problem in America. It’s all black people’s fault. Yup.

“Why,” you ask?  Well, that’s simple.  Black people are racist because they demanded a black Barbie.  Mattel, who should be sued for racism, has obliged.  Timothy is not very happy about it.

Barbie is a white doll with blond hair.  There is no black Barbie.

Ummm, yes there is.  As a matter of fact, in addition to white Barbies with black, brown and red hair, black Barbies, of which there are many, are joined in the more than 50-year-old franchise by a Barbie from virtually every possible race and nationality on the planet.

Forget about that.  Timothy would like to focus on black Barbie:

I don’t think racism is going to end until black people stop buying their kids black Barbies, until they stop telling their children about black Santa and stop taking them to the Black Jesus church.

In this video, which I couldn’t help but edit my own commentary into, you will see a self-professed “Man of Gad” make such a fool of himself you will have no choice but to feel pity for him.

Or maybe not.

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