WATCH: Senator McCain Has ‘Awkward Mental Meltdown’ On Fox News (VIDEO)

John McCain did not have a good Sunday morning on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. The 78-year-old Republican senator from Arizona, who recently announced he was running for a sixth consecutive term in the Senate, did a good job at showing his age and/or incompetence. The show became embarrassingly awkward when he could not, for the life of him, remember a fourth country Iran is supposedly occupying.

Iraq, Syria, Yemen… and… and…

He kept repeating these three names, and continuously struggling to finish his sentence. Finally, Mrs. Bartiromo tried to help him out and guess the fourth country as Saudi Arabia. McCain started to agree with her, if for the only reason to bail him out of his predicament, before finally saying, “No, no that’s not it.” She had no choice but to skip over that segment of the interview because McCain just couldn’t “perform.” His composure didn’t make things any easier. He turned bright red, and you could tell he wanted to high-tail it out of there as soon as possible.

Ironically, he was trying to take a shot at Obama by saying that “what we are seeing is the result of a lack of American and foreign leadership.”

It’s a good thing he didn’t name the fourth country as the United States, because that’s the only thing that could have made this interview any more awkward. 

While it would be easy to chalk this fail up as Alzheimer’s or old age, the truth is he probably just plays too much poker on his iPhone. In September of 2013, McCain was caught red-handed playing poker during an important Syria hearing. You can watch that HERE.

Watch McCain completely embarrass himself on Republicans' favorite channel:

H/T: Breaking News | Featured image: screen capture

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