WATCH: McDonald’s Worker Goes Nuts, Completely Trashes The Place After Getting Fired (VIDEO)

A McDonald’s employee in Saint Paul, Minnesota completely loses his mind after getting fired on the job. He seems to be upset about not being able to get his $20.00 paycheck upfront.

Everyone knows when you get fired, you have to wait for them to send it to you in the mail, or at the very least, wait till payday and pick it up later. Something tells me this guy is not going to be let into the building, and he most likely will not see that paycheck after all the destruction he caused in this video.


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The unnamed employee can be heard throughout the tape yelling:

You treat me like sh*t. I get treated like sh*t. B*tch, give me my f*ckin pay. I want my 20 dollars!

As he was going berserk, yelling and in the grips of an uncontrollable rage, he is ransacking everything in sight, throwing napkins, food — anything he can get his hands on and chucking it on the floor.

While this news site does not condone this behavior, its hard not to laugh at it.

What’s not funny though, is the amount of pay he is freaking out about. McDonald’s doesn’t nearly pay its workers enough to make ends meet. Most live a life of quiet desperation living on low wages, never quite earning in the American dream. This kid, however, is just a young punk, who doesn’t know how to internalize his rage appropriately.

At the end of the video, its reported that he just merely put on his jacket and left the store on his own. Its not yet clear yet if any charges were filed.

Regardless, whatever your attitudes of this young man may be, this is a must watch. Seeing someone completely lose it on the job, is just priceless.


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