WATCH: Man’s Rant At Firefighters Shows Tea Party Ignorance In Action (VIDEOS)

A California man, whose rant at firefighters was captured on video last week, is getting little support for his position.

The unidentified man was recorded as he berated several Butte County, California, firefighters for buying groceries while on duty. He wants to know why they didn’t shop at a small, local market that is closer to the fire station, instead of coming to the supermarket, which is four miles farther away. He’s also upset that the firefighters used a fire truck to get their groceries.

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It isn’t clear whether the man is a member of, or supports the Tea Party, but his rant is an example of the ignorance that is typical of Tea Partiers. Throughout the video, the man, who identifies himself only as a “taxpayer,” tells the firefighters that what they are doing is a waste of taxpayer money. He tells the man who is recording the video, “I’m paying for them to be down here, on the clock.”

He also says to the firefighters, “I can tell you right now I could probably get 90 percent of all the people here in Butte County to sign a thing stating this is totally ridiculous.”

While it’s not clear what the majority of people in Butte County might think about this situation, the man who is recording the rant says that he supports the firefighters. The vast majority of comments on YouTube also indicate support for the firefighters.

Here’s the original video, via YouTube:


Firefighters are on duty, 24/7.

Oroville, California, fire chief Bill LaGrove explains why the firefighters were at the store in their truck.

The reason why they were in a fire truck is because you never know when that emergency call is going to come out. Immediate response is necessary.

LaGrove also points out that the local market, where the man thought the firefighters should be shopping, is mainly a butcher shop, not a full service grocery store. It is also more expensive. Firefighters have to buy their own food, and, like most government employees, they don’t make that much money.

According to KXTVthe man has not yet lodged a formal complaint against the fire department. Butte County fire chief Greg McFadden, whose firefighters are the ones seen in the video, says he is proud of how the men handled themselves during the harangue.

This man was complaining about the tax dollars he thought were being wasted by the trip to the grocery store; tax dollars that, when divided among the local taxpayers, probably amount to pennies per person, if even that much. But, if those firefighters had gone to the store in a personal vehicle, leaving the firehouse understaffed, and the man’s house had caught on fire, he would probably want to know what took the fire department so long to respond. As former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro once observed, this man, and the Tea Partiers who think like him “know[s] the cost of everything, and the value of nothing.”

Here’s a report on the man’s rant, and the response to it, via KXTV:


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