WATCH: Man Shoots Self With Concealed Gun Inside Chik-fil-A (VIDEO)

Oh, the irony.

A Chik-fil-A was the scene of a non-fatal, self-inflicted shooting by Mike Tipton, a Fairfield County, Ohio resident. Mr. Tipton was attempting to remove the holster from his pants. The accidental shooting took place in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. Ohio allows conceal and carry specifically in eateries since Governor John Kasich signed a bill into law in 2011.

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And of course, Chik-fil-A gained tons of publicity when it defended it’s company’s funding of various far-right wing causes, including groups that the Southern Poverty Law Center has called “hate groups.”

Every once in a while, karma steps up.

The shooting is being called an accident, officially, and no charges are being filed. No one was injured except Mr. Tipton, who wounded his leg in the blast. Reportedly, the gun did not have any kind of safety on it.

Watch karma step up HERE:


Featured Image: via screenshot

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