Watch: Jon Stewart Rips Rachel Dolezal AND Fox News In Four Minutes Of Brilliance (VIDEO)

When a story hits the media there are always two sides: What really happened and what Fox News thinks. The Rachel Dolezal story was no different.

As mainstream and liberal media outlets struggled to understand who Dolezal was and why she felt it necessary to lie about her heritage, Fox News put the blame for all of these people (meaning just the one) on some hidden liberal agenda that means to, I don’t know, turn white people black?

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Jon Stewart, after laying into Dolezal in truly Jon Stewart fashion, took a shot at the Fox News “24-hour Benghazi Obamaphone culture war dog whistle who gives a f*ck-a-thon.”

The video lasts about four minutes and will, as usual, have you rolling on the floor laughing. Stewart’s relentless assault on Fox News in his waning days as host of the Daily Show should be chronicled and displayed at the Smithsonian.

Watch Jon Stewart take Fox News to the woodshed over its ridiculous coverage of Rachel Dolezal, courtesy of Comedy Central.

Featured image via screen capture

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