WATCH: Fox News Women Talk About ‘Happy’ Marriages: ‘You Just Gotta Make That Sandwich’ (VIDEO)

This you gotta love. The network that caters to primarily 68-year-old white men decided to highlight a study Tuesday that says that Republicans are happier in their marriages. To the Fox viewer base, who see their wives at least once a day to demand a sandwich, that must seem true. The actresses (and one token actor) of Fox go on to explain:

The first Fox actress, Heythere Whoeveryouare, thinks Republicans are happier because Republicans tend to be more religious. Everyone knows if you’re religious and stay married because you’re required to, even if its to someone you hate, you’re guaranteed to have a blissful eternity…with someone you hate.

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The conversation only devolves from there to the point where another actress, Nobodycares Whothehellyouare, declares that yes, in order to remain happily married, you must make your husband a sandwich if he asks for one. The room erupts into a chorus of “just make the sandwich,” and rational people across the country weep for what little dignity the women of Fox News have left.

Watch the Fox Actresses degrade themselves and promise to “make the sandwich.”

Featured image via video screen capture

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