Dimwit Christian Mom: ‘We Shouldn’t Teach Kids Arabic Numerals’–Also Known As ‘Numbers’ (VIDEO)

From the Florida Stack, a Mom, Christian Kayla Normandin, is pissed that her son is learning about Islam in high school. She’s also upset to find out that he’s learning about Arabic numbers:

Now there is one whole chapter, and it’s chapter 10 that starts on page 116 and goes to 151, and it tells nothing — basically everything about Muslim civilizations and ‘she-hara’ (sic) law. You name it — it talks about it.

Source: Raw Story

The Middle East happens to be the region of the world that invented the modern day number system – the one that is used in most countries. As most third graders know, but apparently this mother didn’t, they are called Arabic numbers. This is shocking to Normandin, who apparently thinks her son is being indoctrinated.

“It even has the origin of ‘Ay-rabic’ numerals,” she read from the book. “So Eastern Muslim regions, Western Muslim regions, and Modern Western. And it shows you actually how to write ’em.”

Following her review of the chapter, Normandin asserted, “We need to stand up against this, y’all. Our children don’t need to be taught this. It’s not teaching them facts. It’s not teaching them truth. It’s basically telling them that this is going to be the way of life.”

Here’s the video:

Perhaps Normandin would be more comfortable if her son attended school in Texas, where they teach things like that slaves were just immigrant workers.


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