WATCH: College Students Have ‘No Clue’ Who Ronald Reagan Is When Shown His Picture (VIDEO)

Even with some of the best public schooling in the nation at the University of Maryland, College Park, which is considered to be on par with many Ivy League schools, and only eight miles away from our nations capital, students embarrassingly were unable to identify Ronald Reagan when shown a pretty clear picture of him.

Republicans may want to think twice before running on a platform again that talks about doing away with the Department of Education, which is what over 111 GOPers were identified as being in support of when they re-took control of the House from Democrats.

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Republicans very own brand, it seems, is fading.

Funny as it is, still, there really is no excuse for not recognizing one of the most known faces in the free world. He is an ex-President, after all.

Media Research Center TV reporter Dan Joseph conducted the experiment by speaking to 15 randomly passing students.

Almost all of them failed miserably.

Here were a few of the failed guesses by students when shown his picture:

Ugh, is that Bush?

Guess again. 

I’m thinking of the name right now. I know the face. Umm….

Another student didn’t even want to attempt to guess. She absolutely refused to answer for fear she might guess wrong.

Some more failed responses: 

Is it John Wayne?

He looks like one of those country singers….

And, lastly…one student come close by saying….”is it some sort of president?”

Pretty close, but no cigar.

Reagan himself, no different than the Republican party of today, even ran on a platform back in 1980 calling for the Department of Education’s abolishment. While he did re-evaluate later on and form different views, one is to wonder if Reagan would have thought any different had a video like this existed early on in his career. If not for the future of America’s education, but for his own survival in history.

Watch the video here:


Featured Image: You Tube screen capture

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