WATCH: Bully Picks On Black Kids While Adults Watch And Laugh (VIDEO)

We liberal writers have to wade into some pretty dark places.  We search conservative pages for racism, sexism, and outright stupidity to share with our readers in the hopes that we can help expose the extreme right-wingers for who they really are and what they really represent.

We try our best to be as truthful in our titles as possible, often times being called “sensationalists” or “yellow journalists” when someone doesn’t feel we meet the requirements of global journalistic standards.

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We aren’t exactly Newsweek, we don’t report from a “fair and balanced” position.  On the other hand, we also aren’t Fox “News” or the dumbass conservative blogs like Mr. Conservative or Townhall, here to spread lies and propaganda to keep you hating the poor and the minorities and those darned gays so you’ll vote Republican.

We lean so far left we almost fall over at times, and we are very proud to do so.  We believe in equality, we believe in fair play.  We believe in saving our planet and securing a future for our children.

Here’s a headline that is as literal as it gets.  You won’t believe your eyes as you watch this bully pick on two black kids while two adults stand there and laugh.

Because, I hate to say it, it’s funny as hell.

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