WATCH: Austin Attorney Gives Loony Public Rant, Confesses To ‘White People Only’ Stickers (VIDEO)

An attorney in Austin, Texas is taking responsibility for putting up stickers on local businesses saying “exclusively for white people.” Until now no one knew who was behind the stunt that has left the city in shock and disbelief.

According to the State Bar of Texas, his entire name is Mr. Adam Thomas ‘Coach’ King Blackwell Reposa. He has been licensed to practice law since September 23, 2003 and is a graduate of the University of Texas Law School. You can see his professional website here.

In a somewhat loony, but halfway serious shirtless rant given in public near the Capital of Texas, Adam Reposa explains why he did it.

He apparently decided to do this stunt to bring attention to the issue of gentrification, which is the process of having a city’s existing demographic kicked out of an area due to urbanization, i.e. rich white people moving into an area, being the only ones able to afford to live and shop there.

He also discusses the issue in more length, in another video that he posts online while holding onto his cat.


This is a picture of the sticker that has gained national attention over the last several days. Did this attorney completely lose his mind, or do you agree with the message he is trying to get across? Or, both!?

Pic via CNN.

Pic via CNN.

H/T: The Technology | Featured Image: Adam Reposa

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