VIDEO: Fight Breaks Out After Dad Confronts Weirdo That Got Touchy-Feely With His Son

While standing in line at a taco truck in East Oakland, an apparently intoxicated man decided to get touchy-feely with a young boy standing behind his father. Once the father notices and confronts the weirdo’s inappropriate physical contact with his son, a fight breaks out and goes to the ground. Background audio of the boy crying was picked up, along with a woman pleading for the men to stop fighting.

Watch things go from bad to worse:

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Don’t touch other people’s kids.

A word of advice for drunks and sober people alike, never touch other people’s kids. First of all, unwanted touching is battery, which is illegal. Second, when it comes to battery of a minor, it’s common that other criminal charges are filed. Third, any protective parent is expected to confront an apparent child predator that does so much as verbally harass their kid. Now, imagine if a weirdo started getting touchy-feely with your kid. What would your reaction be? Most parents would react with hostility and aggression. The fate of that creeper may have been different, had the battery taken place in Texas.

Original video posted  by LiveLeak 

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